how the angels dine by Sophie J.K. Scott

it was eleven am when all the angels went gallivanting
out to tea, with all their pretty heads on all their pretty
necks. they had quite forgotten how to dine, and even

the waiters knew that perhaps they weren’t used to
the marvel of being alive. how they shrieked at the
hand dryers in the bathrooms, and watched on in

rapture when food came out on china plates. how
they murmured amongst themselves at the bend
and snap of their cutlery. how their words glowed

when they said grace. they didn’t understand yet;
the push and pull of the moon, the rise and fall of
the sun or when the skies got dark and why. ever

alight, it was clear they never got around to dropping
the habit of youth. radiant and wily and hungry.
glistening with the joys of humanity, though they

were just voyeurs to their own bodies. soon enough,
they left the restaurant and each vessel kissed their
neighbour on the cheek. until next time, they said,

whether that be a month or millennia. and then, they
filtered out onto the pavement, with halos smothering
the lampposts, and wondered why the world was dark.

Sophie J.K. Scott is a poet and undergraduate history student from the UK, currently studying at Cardiff University. Her work has previously been published in The Wellington Street Review. 
Her twitter is @iuckycharmer and her instagram is @sophiejkscott.

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