Prudence of Anguish by David O’Nan

I want you in my arms
To hold you stronger than all anguish
You became Prudence
The dancer in circles
The impiety in hidden ballet flats

You leave me in a vertigo
And you leave me screaming
You break all my bottles,
And you broke my swampy heart
When I was laying the bed wailing
With wiry blankets of heart shooting into my arms.

You left me in this mahogany depression
From all that is seen, the paradox of your possessions
And feel that poltergeist living inside me.

My prudence of anguish
My flushing beats in my blood
And they whisper me sweet curses
Into the tiny hairs of my ears

Will I wilt, will I dance with I
Will I flip, will I twirl, will I die?


David L O’Nan has been writing for nearly 20 years.  He writes poetry, prose & short stories. He is the Editor of the Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art Blog at & an Anthology book “Avalanches in Poetry” Writings & Art Inspired by Leonard Cohen in November 2019.  His most recent book is a new chapter in his style of work: ‘The Cartoon Diaries’ chapbook is available on Amazon paperback & kindle (under Fevers of the Mind Press) These poems deal with how it feels to be out of place in today’s society. 
He contributes a weekly column for Headline Poetry & Press at


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