It’s The New Love by Parul Yadav

I wonder at times, why do we love?
Seeking this is always a quest for the mind, as the soul feels.
it’s a feeling per say but thousand emotions did it feeds in you.
But what am I am, in my own self thinking of that lost love which was free of will,

A few years ago, love started as chaos did it.
The memories of the past, the soothing of that kiss, the new fresh smell of flowers
the morning happiness, thoughts and images that you saw in everything.
Those visions remain ingrained in you, never will it fade as the love was
the strongest you ever did.
Leaving its impact on you day by day.
Was it and will it ever be lost, was the question
that gave chills, deep dark horrors
Of loneliness embarks the journey with you.

It’s the new love.
Call it by any emotion, feel it with the soul, love it with the heart,
pieces by pieces did it create.
People fall in love in mysterious ways,
the comrade with the touch of the zest of passion,
they go on with the new explorations.
The needy, the greedy, the big, the wigged, the houses that turned bricks into beautiful places to live.
The love that people do shrines in every heart,
the stories that are never faded but
also, never was it accepted!

Parul yadav is a 19 year old undergraduate student from India currently pursuing English literature from Delhi University .
She loves to write occasionally ,and dwell deep into the topics about travel ,fantasies and far away lands .
Often escaping from reality you will find her working in a secluded space of her own .

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