how it truly feels to be alive by Melis Gordem

the thrill of riding a rollercoaster as tall as the Empire State,
the awe of viewing a murmuration cry its song of freedom,
the laughter that erupts within a tight-knit group of friends and leaves you to tears,
the taste of a cuisine so unforgettable you wish you can have it again,
the smell of a beloved one rubbing off on you as a reminder that they were there and they will return once again,
the acknowledgement of deer and other small lovely creatures as they prance around the field as a way of solidarity,
the solace of riding a lone subway car with only you and your friends for hours until dawn,
the noise caused by impatient drivers and rowdy teenagers outside your window prior to slumber,
the confession between you and someone you adore that ties the knot of the relationship tighter,
the satisfaction of finishing stress-inducing exams and having nothing else to worry about,
the happiness you feel after watching a flower bloom before your eyes,
the sight of snow gently landing onto your deck during the early morning,
the listening in on plethora of conversations within a crowded urban street,
the peaceful sleep you get after staying up until dawn only to rest until dusk,
the car trips that consists of listening to nostalgic tunes and playing silly games to pass time,
and the ease of emotions after finishing a tear-jerking piece.

these are the ways i truly feel alive.

— i wish to know how others truly feel to be alive

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