Identity: Under reconstruction

Sometimes I drink too much vodka at once,
or eat 3 servings of mac&cheese in 1 sitting,
but the most unhealthy habit I have,
is comparing myself to others,
never quite seeing the beauty I hold as enough.
Broken and beyond repair,
no silver lining to being second choice,
in this world that believes the opinions,
of others is of higher importance,
than the opinion you have of yourself.
Trying to undo the works,
of the impossibly high beauty standards,
I can only try to love the rough edges and flaws,
that make me entirely me.

Navi Brar is a South Asian first generation Indo-Canadian residing in Vancouver. She is very passionate about the representation of people of colour in the arts, and hopes to aspire others that despite tough times creating a beautiful life is possible. Through her writing, she hopes to raise more awareness about issues like domestic abuse, social injustice, and mental health. Poetry is her way of creating space, taking up space and helping others do the same. You can find her sharing her work on social media @cagedfeelingss

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