Two Pieces by Lauren Elizabeth Taylor


How long can one go on,
pulling at threads, coming undone,
counting three-two-one, but
too tired to fight, too tired to run,
am I still here when I’m this numb,
my trauma,
his victim,
immortalised in poem after poem,
because I still breathe to his rhythm
and do not own a gun,
and he is God’s son,
and I was seven days of fun,
help me,
tell me,
how long can one go on
after what has been done?

Safety in Silence


Lauren E. Taylor is a writer and poet, mainly of LGBTQ+ and mental health themed works, from Derbyshire, England. Her debut poetry chapbook Will You Still Love Me if I Love Her? was published in February 2019. She can be found @lauren_eltaylor. 

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