Two Pieces (IMAGINE & universe customer service) by Dior Stephens


can you imagine me •• I’ve always wanted something like you •• I thought they told me I wasn’t good enough •• I began to believe I was •• just a •• dirty rotten kid •• how did they cast the stones so easily •• how did you wash my wounds •• these festering wounds •• you keep finding more •• and I •• have to remind you •• you’ll never find them all ••//

can you imagine me •• hello dolly •• pristine figurine •• queen of ice ••• prince of summer •• will we sweat til the world ends •• will we dance in poppy fields •• O! •• to open for you is to •• writhe in •• what was that? •• ah, yes, •• in EX•hiliration ••//

can you imagine me •• one day when the dreams plant themselves •• one day when the skies turn black •• one day when the crown rests with the beaten •• one day when I can show you •• all that I am •• will we linger here •• in this sweet spot •• this realm between realms •• this connection of pulses •• this warmth of wanton pleasures •• these festering wounds •• you think •• you’ll catch them all •• not today, Ash •• not ever ••//

can you imagine me •• imagine me as I imagine myself •• imagine me as they used to •• as they will •• as they do in private •• as the lovers who once had me •• the way you do now •• as the Mother once did •• as the sky turns black ••//

universe customer service
hello world,
I am a Pisces.
which I love with
all my soul, however,
I am not quite sure
if I’d like to be a Pisces
any longer.

Please advise.


you see,
it is quite taxing, really,
to feel it all,
to know the waves
and still sink underneath them.
to know you belong to something else
so old, so foreign, so mystical, so
not of this world, I’m (astral-projecting again)
tired of it all,
I am.


is there a
return policy
on these sun signs?
I didn’t ask to be conceived but I
certainly didn’t ask to be
a malleable, sensitive,
dreamy-eyed wanderer
in a world full of—-

what is the policy?


hello stars,
I am a Pisces, but I
am hoping we can
open this up for review.
are these things forever?

— oldest of the bunch
and easily
the most tired.

Dior J. Stephens lives in Chicago, IL. He is the author of SCREAMS & lavender and 001, both with Ghost City Press. He tweets at @dolphinneptune and Instagrams at @dolphinphotos.


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