Two Pieces by Maya Williams





I wish I knew how much I would enjoy the feelings of a high heel shoe
when I was younger.

Instead of wanting to shrink in my ever growing height,
I wish I knew what heels could do to make me love my height more.

I am a professional Amazonian goddess when
A 5”9 mortal,
become 5”11-6”0 deified
in just the right heels.

13 year old me deserved the confidence
heels could give.

All I want is for 22 year old me
to give it to her.

All I want is to let her know
that the first stumbles
are only buying time
to emerge into strutting.


Maya Williams (she/hers & they/them) is a mixed race black suicide survivor and writer currently residing in Portland, ME. Find her work in glitterMOB, The Occulum Journal, Soft Cartel, Frost Meadow Review, Homology Lit, and more. You’re more than welcome to follow them @emmdubb16 on Twitter and Instagram along with her website

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