Burning Mary’s Bones by Abigail Pearson

I told the priest that
I just wanted to burn Mary’s bones on my skin
This is just a form of supplication, a
Spell to make me better than I am –
Beneath my layers
Of clothes, brighter veins and
All the hail mary’s prescribed to me added up to nothing
I told the priest that
I had eaten enough of
Jesus’ body to last me a lifetime
I could become him now
No incense or prayers
Would he ever have to lift up to me
All I wanted was
A kiss upon the lips.


Abigail is a 23 year old writer and poet from Eugene, Oregon. She is the co-founder of Cauldron Anthology, a literary magazine about the wild feminine that draws from mythology. She writes about everything from queer love to recovering from growing up in a cult.
Their poetry has been published in Pussy Magazine, The Slag Review, Linden Avenue Literary Magazine, Rose Quartz Magazine, and Moonchild Magazine.

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