Nightbreed by Megan Russo

They told me it was my time
the night hungered for another
refusing would anger the old gods
so I gave in to their desires.

I left the door open for the watchers beyond the porch
the lamplight low enough to hide them
shapeless forms at the edge of the woods
bright enough to guide the night to me.

The screen door struggled against the breeze
the wooden frame trembling
but I returned to my room
throwing the bedclothes to the floor.

I unlatched the window
blew out the final candle
stayed silent as the darkness slithered in
the shadowy form looming large in the corner.

With swiftness he crossed the room
frozen hands on my throat
pulling me closer and closer
a faceless beast upon my flesh.

They burn the house once he has gone
no trace can be left
returning home to wait again
who will it be next time?

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