Resolutions by Megan Russo

I promise to love myself the way others love me. To take their kind words and keep them close, saving them for the darkest moments that wait around tricky corners that always appear so suddenly. Sheltering compliments near my heart and wrapping myself in their warmth to keep moving forward.

I promise to listen, instead of waiting for my turn to speak. It is time to value the words others choose to speak to me, to give them my full attention and respond thoughtfully. To show compassion and to be there, like they often are for me.

I promise to give more chances to those I work with. I’ll let them try and try, giving them more chances to succeed rather than shutting them out. Making better relationships with them, allowing my work to become a joy again, and less of a burden.

I promise to free to my emotions. I’ve always been adrift, refusing to give myself what I know that I need, but that will no longer be the case. I will let myself feel, rather than accepting numbness as an option. I’ve hidden and compartmentalized everything, enjoying the little soundproof boxes I hide my screams in, but now the lids are coming off.

Welcome to another year.

We’re in this together.

Make it your best.

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