Build by Megan Russo

I refuse to explain
Keeping my feelings sheltered
Safe from you in my very core
Blind to the heavy coals they became.

Time and pressure
And over
And over.

A weight that becomes a burden
An unwanted child
I have no choice but to carry
Shackles to my arms.

A devouring anger that festers and burns
Making me slink away from every touch
Every soft glance igniting yet another ember
That blisters and scars every inch of skin.

A tingling rage that pokes and prods
Overwhelming my senses
The flames wild as I curl up tighter
Building walls to keep you out.

Higher and higher
Until the sun is blotted out
And I’m lost in endless black
A prison of my own creation.

Megan Russo is an amateur writer and dungeon master. She attended the University of Cincinnati receiving degrees in Studio Arts and Creative Writing. Megan currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two pugs.

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